finally Blogging again!

Its been a while since my last post… and unfortunatelly the last post is currently offline. :(
The reason for this are problems with my hoster, a not working blog tool, no time and I didn’t felt like hacking on my blog in the last weeks.
I will try to import the old posts but I don’t know when, yet… Sorry! ;)
this is the new home of my blog. I’ve moved to a hosted service because I think they can do better in maintaining and keeping it updated… ;) Please grap the Feed which is now available through a different address…

Anyway… lot of things happend in the last two months and I don’t know where to start.
The first big news is DaWanda a web application we’re currently working on that will change the way you think about buying and selling „stuff“. Be excited and stay tuned for details…
We also have a lot of cool Ruby and Rails stuff to share. Rails is pretty awesome and serves us very well… ;)

Another thing I haven’t blogged about is my job for BVCapital . I’m doing some research and I’m developing BVAnalytics for them. A pretty cool and very intersting job. I love it.

And I’m still in Cologne and I’ll stay i little bit longer… ;)

That’s it for now… Good night…


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