Cool Ruby on Rails Plugins…

Wer Ruby on Rails programmiert liebt Plugins und von denen gibt es inzwischen ja schon unzählige.

Hier ein paar die ich mir merken wollte…

  • Account Location ( Account location is a set of protected methods that supports the account-key-as-subdomain way of identifying the current scope.)
  • Boockmarkable ( A bookmarkable model can be any ActiveRecord class so you can use the acts_as_bookmarkable to bookmark other users in a friends list, or bookmark posts in a favorites list, etc.)
  • Acts as paranoid (Make your Active Records „paranoid.“ Deleting them does not delete the row, but set a deleted_at field. Find is overloaded to skip deleted records.)
  • Settings ( Settings is a plugin that makes managing a table of global key, value pairs easy. Think of it like a global Hash stored in you database, that uses simple ActiveRecord like methods for manipulation.)
  • RailsDAV (A plugin allowing WebDAV integration into RoR. Allows the creation of Ruby On Rails controllers which will respond to WebDAV requests and expose functionality as a file-system.)

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